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The fastest way from Narita to Akasaka


I booked (not too late to change though) the b hotel at Akasaka for its reasonable price and relatively good review and condition ( most importantly with two beds for its “Superior Twin” as my son prefer). The hotel website recommend taking airport limousine (taking about two hours to get there). I studied the subway system (it is indeed very complex and confusing), from what I understood, it seems I have two options as well: 1. Take Skyliner to Ueno then change to Gina Line to Kokai-gijidoane, change to Chiyodai Line to Akasaka; 2. Take NEX to Tokyo, then change to Marunouchi Line to Kokai-gijidoane, change to Chiyodai Line to Akasaka.
My questions:1. Am I right on these two options (we will not carry big luggage)? 2. If so, which one you will recommend? The Skyline option will be faster by how much? 3. Is the b hotel at Akasaka location is convenient enough for the sites seeing and travel (take high speed train to Kyoto)?
Thanks in advance!


May be my original question is not simple enough, now I just want to know:
Can I take the Skyliner to Ueno then change to the Gina Line to Kokai-gijidoane, and change to the Chiyodai Line to get to Akasaka? Is there problem for this connection? Thanks!


Yes you can do that route!


Thank you very much. If so, it seems I buy the “Keisei Skyliner (one way) & Tokyo Subway Ticket (72 hours)” for 3,500 yan will be a good cheapo choice for me, because I will stay in Tokyo only for three nights and the hotel is only 5 minutes walking distance to the subway station. Besides, after almost 24 hours long way flying or waiting for transfer, spend less time on the slower train and check in to the hotel earlier, it makes better my cheapo sense (higher quality / cost ratio). :slight_smile:


That’s good, except you might be better off buying a Suica (or Passmo)
instead - the 72hour subway ticket doesn’t work on JR lines.

Suica/Passmo works everywhere (busses too) so it’s much less confusing, and
the 72 pass probably won’t save much money.


Thank you for the information. Does the Suica card earn any discount as well, besides its convenience? Is it true that I can get most of the popular tourists sites by using subway system (if I have to walk a few blocks, it is ok).


There’s no significant discount using the suica/passmo cards.
You’ll most likely want to use the JR lines for some of you journeys around Tokyo if you’re here for 3 days.
Unless you want to save money at all costs, the convenience and simplicity of suica/passmo is more than worth it.

If I buy a Suica card in Tokyo, can it be used in Kyoto & Osaka as well?

It depends on where you are actually staying in Akasaka. If you are not too far from Akasaka-mitsuke Station, then another choice is to take the Ginza Line from there directly to Ueno and then take the Skyliner. It’s about a 2/3 minute walk from Ueno Ginza Line to the Keisei Line. I used to live in Akasaka (not far from Asakasa-mitsuke Station) and that was the best way for me to go.


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The b Akasaka Hotel is actually quite a walk from either Aoyama Itchome or Akasaka-Mitsuke Stations (both on the Ginza Line) so I absolutely wouldn’t recommend it with luggage. If you catch a taxi, no problem. In general, Akasaka is a really conveniently located neighbourhood. The b is a nice, modern hotel too (less than 10 years old). But it’s located at the top of a steep hill about 10 minutes walk from Akasaka Station (it’s almost the same distance to Nogizaka Station). If you have normal fitness it won’t be a problem, but if you had any mobility issues, that steep hill would be a big barrier. Also, since you’re in the area, check out the grave of Raiden - the greatest pre-modern Sumo wrestler behind the little temple at the base of the hill.

B Akasaka and subway station(s)