B Akasaka and subway station(s)

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Thanks for CheapoGreg and Tokyogreen, your information are very helpful. The website of b Akasaka stated it close to two subway stations, but it only detailed the access from the Chiyodai Line Akasaka station.(The following is the copy of their direction: From Akasaka Station Exit 3b, 5 minute walk. At Akasaka Station take Exit 3b when you reach ground level walk towards the TBS building entrance, turn right at the entrance, walk towards the stairs, go to the top of the stairs and immediately turn left. You will see the hotel at the end of the street.) I was just wondering where is the another station? So it seems it not so close to the Akasaka-Mitsuke Station.
But overall, it is ok for us, we will make it works, it is not easy to find a reasonable priced hotel in the hot traveling season.
Thanks indeed for the clarifying.

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