Yokohama Is may base

Hello, my family will be arriving Narita April 30 for a week then catching a cruise. We will be heading to Yokohama at our hotel and from there in and around the sites of Tokyo…and for my kid Disney. Getting around these areas at the most economical way is my question. If I am not venturing too far from the Tokyo/ Yokohama area. What is my best option for trains / subways. We will be spending at least 2 days at Disney. Wife is a little nervous about this subject from the stuff she has read on the web.

Hi @habmariner. Fellow traveler to Japan here. Is it your first visit? First time for me, going there in May.

From what I understand, the so-called Japan Rail Pass might not pay off if going around just Tokyo (the linked article specifically notes: “DON’T buy a Japan Rail Pass if you’re just traveling around the Tokyo/Yokohama area. It’s cheaper to buy individual tickets or charge money onto a Pasmo/Suica card.”). In my case, we’ll be mostly within Tokyo, then a side trip north to Nikko and east to Disney. We’ll just be getting Suica cards, load them up and top them off as necessary, more for the convenience of not having to all in line for ticket all the time. It works pretty much on most trains, subways and even buses, I think.

There are other passes and discount ticket options available. So many in fact, that I was overwhelmed when I first started reading about them. :sweat_smile:

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