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Winter accomodation


I travel plan is during winter for family trip with little children and seniors.
Where in tokyo/kansai area have snow on December? No plan to go Hokkaido yet if you wondering.

We plan to stay in place with snowy area. We wanna enjoy snow for the first time, Ski is just a bonus. So which one is better, stay at Ski resort or Airbnb?

Appreciate if you can recommend some place affordable to stay. Budget wise, we prefer entire house to stay or Ryokan or hotel also no problem as long as we can have snow… :grin:

Kindly advice.

Thank you very much.

Hi there,
Kansai gets some snow, but is further from the snowy areas than Tokyo. From Tokyo, all you have to do is head west to Nagano, or northwest to Gunma or Niigata. Gala Yuzawa is a pretty easy, family friendly resort. I wouldn’t recommend Airbnb. If it will be your first time in snow, you probably shouldn’t drive!

You can get the tokyo wide 3d pass for great value to get to Gala Yuzawa. Just make sure you reserve the hotels early if you are going on a weekend (and reserve the shinkansen tickets as soon as you arrive in Japan and purchase/exchange the pass).

For other places like Nagano, there might be some train+ hotel packages. Hakuba (in Nagano) is english friendly.