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Who/what is TokyoCheapo's affiliated immigration lawyer and what are the fees like?

Several articles such as this one provide a link to a form to get in touch with an immigration lawyer. It mentions it is a paid service but does not give any further details. Does anyone know which law firm it is submitted to?

I am contemplating using such a service in the future but before sending them my details I just want to know more about this service. Right now it is just a submission form, I tried searching everywhere on this site but it does not tell me the name of the law firm or where they are based in, so it is difficult to know how reputable it is, if it is relevent to my situation and how much they cost.
Not sure if it is an omission or intentional but it seems very strange to have a contact form without knowing who I am contacting.

Hi purplecarrot,

When you fill out the submission form, you can expect a response from the law firm, at which point you will be able to check out their services and reputation online. Filling out the form does not commit you to anything, so if you don’t like what you see, there is no obligation to communicate further.

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