Which Uniqlo branches for big people

With big interest did I read here “Uniqlo goes up to 3XL (in weight) and XXL (in height).”, but so far I have not found yet anything beyond XL. I guess now that only certain branches cater to those sizes? Maybe only in Roppongi or online? Anyone know details? Thanks

Hi there, I’ve shared your question on Facebook and Twitter to see if we can get any answers. I don’t know about Uniqlo specifically, but I did notice this year that it’s suddenly hard to find clothes that fit me at Zara. I’m no bigger than I was, but there are barely any clothes above a Japanese M size (US size S) and I’m only an L (US size M).

I’ve seen only in the Ginza store. And it’s only a tiny corner. If the size you needed is not on the rack there is no back stock. They tell you to order it online. Fail. Old navy America ships to Japan FYI