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Which Sim For Tethering/Personal Hot Spot?


I now have a new unlocked iPhone 7 plus and thinking it might be a good idea to not bother setting up internet (thought about doing it through Docomo, the two year contract deal) in my apartment. So my questions.

Is this possible with any of the sim cards out there (IIJmio/Sakura mobile etc.) to use my iPhone as a personal hot spot/tethering? I’m not talking about a pocket wifi here, just the iphone. And I want this mainly so I have internet in my apartment to use my PC for about 2 or 3 hours each night (lot’s of Youtubing).

If the above is possible, would a 10 GB data only sim do the job. This would include the 2 or 3 hours every night Youtubing/surfing the net, and low to moderate use during the day checking the news, email, Skype, and line.

As for calling Japanese phones, I’m looking at using Skype (thus only getting the data only sim, but as long as I can get a Japanese phone number. I believe you can pay extra to get one from Skype but not sure. Has anyone does this?


I’ll try rewording my question. Has anyone used their iPhone as a personal hot spot and if so please tell me about your experience? So far I know Mobal doesn’t provide this service.


My wife uses OCN Mobile One Voice on her iPhone 7 Plus, and Personal Hotspot works just fine. I also have a OCN Mobile One Data only SIM that is sharing the same internet quota, so I just tested the data only SIM on her iPhone, and Personal Hotspot works just fine.

One thing I like about OCN is that your unused quota will carry over to the following month, so with 10GB data plan contract, you can have up to 20GB quota if you don’t use much. Maximum carry over is one month only.

Btw, I was just from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara today, and at the MVNO corner, OCN is the only company that has English brochure there. I believe their voice plan contract is only 6 months, and they also accept foreign credit cards. I took some pictures there and their English brochure, but it doesn’t seem like I can upload the pictures here.


Hi Jack,

I’m tethering with an iphone and IIjmio data only sim (as mentioned in our article )

And here’s the direct link for IIJmio (they have an English link in the menu at the top):


Thanks. I’m going to pass on the Internet contract deal and use my iPhone as a hot spot for my pc in my apartment. Hopefully the 10 gb will be enough for the month.


Heya Jack,

Worth keeping in mind that even if you use your 10GB up, it won’t just shut you off; you’ll be downgraded to their 200kbps (i.e. Happy New Year, 1997!) internet speeds. Little handy hack that seems to work on iijmio, if you have an iPhone and switch off LTE so it downgrades to 3G, (that can sometimes be adequate depending on your area), I’ve noticed your data allowance doesn’t seem to drop!


Thanks. I’m going to try out the ten GB and see how it goes.