Which one is best for winter: Hokkaido or Okinawa?

Hello everyone!

I came to Japan for internship and I am staying until the beginning of March. I am choosing between two trips: to Okinawa or to Sapporo for Yuki Matsuri. My days off and budget are limited (3 days off and $300-350) so I have to choose only one.
I’m looking for surprising experience and of course I want to save money. I come from Russia so low temperatures don’t scare me. Russian international driving licenses are not recognized in Japan so I can not rent a car which is what all the guides advise to do.
Any advice or impressions sharing would be useful.
Thank you in advance!

Does your budget include airfares and hotels? Sounds pretty tight for 3 days.
Sapporo is wonderful and nice for Yuki matsuri (snow festival) and skiing - while Okinawa got beautiful sea but not a good season to do swimming unless you are scuba diver. I would say it’s too low budget if you are including airfare and hotel for 300-400…

Since you are on the mainland, I would stay there for that budget as there is so much to see and do there. Okinawa has wonderful beaches that are more enjoyable in warm weather which ofcourse is my opinion. There r hikes as well but again, for your budget it would not be feasible to fly here and no transportation on island except taxi which is pricey and bus. Bus is limited in where it goes I think too. Hope this helps.

Yes, I understand my mistake. So I would better stay on the mainland:) Thanks anyway!

Thanks for your opinion. Yes, probably, it is a bad idea to go to Hokkaido without skiing or to Okinawa in winter. Also, going to any of those with low budget is a bad idea as well. Thanks for advice!

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