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Which Asakusa station to Narita Airport?

This is my first time to Asakusa. Looking at the map, Asakusa has two stations.- one near the river and one further away. I’m taking the Keisei Access Express from Narita. Which Asakusa station does it stop at? I want to get a hotel near the station. Thanks for any help!

That would likely be the Toei Asakusa station. The southernmost of the two near the river. There is an elevator to the street at exit A2b so you don’t have to haul luggage up the stairs. BTW there are four Asakusa stations, Makes giving directions fun.

Thanks, Gilles.
I’m wondering if I should stay at Asakusa or Hagashi Nihonbashi. Which city is more convenient for trains and transfers. Would appreciate any advise.

I’m planning to make that my base for a few days to explore Tokyo. Hotels seem a bit cheaper at Asakusa and Hagashi Nihonbashi than usual Tokyo places. I’m also going to (in no particular order) Nikko, Osaka, Kyoto,Takayama and Odawara. Ciao.

I’d say Asakusa, I’m biased as it is where I stay whenever I am in Tokyo. You will be on major subway lines, plus a direct train line to Nikko, as well as close to Ueno station for Shinkasen connections.

Asakusa is also a nice area to stroll about in the evening after a day of sight seeing.

Thanks Gilles.

Which Asakusa hotel do you stay at? Any recommendations? (I’ve checked online – too many to choose from!!)