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Where to find old toys in Tokyo


I am a Barbie collector and I’m soon going to Tokyo.
I’ve been scoping the town before to find old toys shops, and I found a few, but I wonder if you have better suggestions about where I might find vintage Barbies (60s and 70s) and more modern ones (80s and 90s). I’m particularly looking for shops that are a bit harder to find than the popular Nakano Broadway or the Manadarakes spread around the town. Thank you in advance!


Hi Pippi,

You might have some luck at flea markets:


base on my past visit… both Akihabara and Nakano is a good place to look for old toy, particularly Nakano Broadway, it have a lot of shop that sell old western toys like the original Robocop, Ghostbusters, Transformers and He-Man.

you might also find shop that sell old western toys in Venus Fort in Odaiba… but i’m not 100% sure…


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