Where to buy Vintage watches in Tokyo

Hi TC.
Visiting Tokyo for a few days during the Golden Week with my wife and kids. Anyone out there know where to get good deals on vintage watches, particularly Seiko?
Thank you very much.

I must admit, I know nothing about vintage watches but I did a search online and found these two places that have second hand Seiko watches for you (it seems more places are online only). I have no idea if they have good deals, but they both say they have Golden Week sales on.

Rodeo Drive
│新品・中古ブランド品の販売・通販のロデオドライブ (an auto translation switch at top)
Most convenient store seems to be the Shinjuku branch, although they have lots of branches in Yokohama.

Ginza Rasin
http://www.rasin.co.jp/ This place looks pretty flash so not sure if they’ll have many deals. Here’s a map URL as their site probably won’t translate very well → Google Maps (closest station is Shimbashi)

Hope that helps.

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