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Where to buy an original Gameboy in Tokyo?


Hi there, so my subject pretty much sums up my question, I’m traveling to Tokyo in June and I’m a big gamer and was wanting to buy some Gameboy games and potentially a an original Gameboy.

However I’m not sure where to start looking for these in Tokyo so any advice you guys can give I’d be very happy with!




Hi Paul,

Your best bet is probably the electronics district of Akihabara:

Happy travels!


Or mandarake inside Nakano Broadway, it’s full of oldies


I’ve come across videos on YouTube about second hand stores in Tokyo… usually out in the surburbs. Names such as “Hard Off” and “Hobby Off”. Lots of gaming stuff for sale, especially if you’re looking for vintage stuff. Probably a great deal cheaper than new, probably even dirt cheap.

(The second one seems to be mostly figurines though…)



Yep I’d agree that Akihabara /Nakano is the safest bet.
And yes Book-offs sell gameboys and games
You can find store locations using this website (and google translate)


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