Where can I buy a less expensive smartphone battery?

Here’s the situation: I have an old smartphone with an almost kaput battery. My carrier will sell me a new battery for over 3,000 yen, which seems kind of crazy in that the ancient phone would be worth less than the lovely new battery. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if the phone dies at any time.

You’d think that there ought to be some competition to sell the old overstocked batteries now that this model of phone is kaput, but… Of course the carrier’s and even the maker’s goal is to force me to buy a new phone. Unfortunately, this ancient phone has one particular feature that I am still using, but which has mostly been dropped from low-end phones. I’d have to pay quite a bit for a new phone that still has the feature, so…

Alternatively, some victim might have bought a new battery for an old phone that has died. In that case, splitting the loss would be better than nothing.

Mostly interested in a store or trader of some kind, but I’ll throw in the details that the phone is a Samsung Galaxy J and the annoying carrier is NTT Docomo. Long story how I’m still stuck with that company, but…

(Last time I was satisfied was with a Huawei smarphone and eMobile, but Softbank blew up eMobile for the bandwidth.)

Hi Shanen,

You might be able to save a few yen hunting around in Akihabara.

But if you’re still using one of the “Big Three”, I’d strongly recommend getting a cheap new smartphone (unlocked) and switching over to an MVNO, generally you’ll save a huge amount of money on the monthly fees, and avoid the restrictive 2 year contracts commons to AU, Docomo and Softbank

I actually went about halfway along with this. Did get a low-end unlocked FreeTel, the Priori 4, which seems adequate. However I’m still locked in by my grandfathered contract with Docomo for the low-cost voice service.

Seems to be working pretty well. Main problem is that the new phone doesn’t like the kind of unlocked WiFi access points that I used to use a lot. It’s okay if I have my WiMAX with me, but otherwise it’s usually unwilling to connect to open networks. I’m hesitant to loosen up the security, so I’m just going to live with it for now.