What's your favourite healthy eating spot in Tokyo?

Tokyo isn’t short of amazing eateries, but often it’s a little challenging finding more whole food type options.
Any recommendations?

Here’s two of mine:

  1. Coincide in Shibuya
    They have a cheapo friendly fish or meat dinner plate for 1280yen, comes with brown rice and copious amounts of organic salad.

  2. Kirara in Nakagemguro
    Great for lunch or dinner, fish or meat plate with a choice of “deli” side dishes, brown rice, soup and often a “micro” dessert.

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I like VG Cafe in Waseda.

Mise LMA in Shinjuku (well Higashi-Shinjuku) is a cozy new vegan cafe with some high quality green tea - plus they have a kitten!

We had a TC meet up there, plus @takako who works there is really nice.

Thank you @mrkirkland for referring my cafe! Yes, come to MiseLMA We serve affordable vegan food (not like other luxury places in Aoyama) made out of fresh vegetables from Shizuoka such as macrobiotic inspired brown rice plate, vegan curry, and falafel sandwich. We also have specialized green tea which I believe the best in town. (Guys from tokyocheapo would agree with me haha.) And 50 kinds of domestic/international craft beers and absinthes.

What else:
We recently “hired” Anni, the 5-month-old socks cat. He is welcoming you here.

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Brown Rice in Omotesando is vegan friendly, with most dishes packed with veggies (not just carbs!). I’d recommend going for lunch as the as the sets are cheaper at that time. And bonus points for it’s hipster-sleek atmosphere

1,000,000 bonus points for the kitten!

I just went to Ain Soph Ripple in Shinjuku (near the seibu-shinjuku station) and it was amazing - everything is vegan and the burgers are sooo good. They have a small menu, but definitely worth a trip!

Cafe Slow in Kokubunji has excellent vegan options!

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Yes Cafe VG in Waseda area! Great vegan/vegetarian options with fresh ingredients! Very friendly and low key and they serve alcohol!

I have another one to add: A to Z cafe in Aoyama
Though not strictly “healthy”, the 1000yen Japanese style teishoku fish lunch set is delicious and is pretty healthy in my opinion.

I went to pure cafe in Omotesando and it was amazing! It is connected to a hairdresses but no hair in the food, don’t worry! Great variety and price, with added extras like vegan muffins and sweets. And complete vegan :wink:

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Komaki Shokudo is a small cafe inside Chabara market in Akihabara. It serves shojin cuisine at an affordable price.


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