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What's Tokyo and Kyoto weather in October?


Hi everyone! I’m traveling to Tokyo and Kyoto Oct 4-23, from California, will the weather be warmish/coolish/raining … what do I prepare for? Really looking forward to my trip. Thanks!



It’s pretty nice and warm in October, one of the nicest temperature months of the year.

Check one of the weather data sites for some averages and historical numbers


Yes, one of the best times of year. You can usually wear shorts during the day, but the evenings can get a bit chilly so you would need a jacket. It is still in the typhoon season, so you might experience one (or even more), but they usually go through in a day or so. If you are in any of the mountain areas, it’s also a great time to see the start of the autumn colours.


Thank you Mr. Kirkland! Much appreciated.



Thank you Tokyogreen! Appreciate the detail about shorts, I wouldn’t have thought to pack any. We are expecting to get into the mountains a bit, just not sure where right now.



If you go up to the north (e.g. tohoku area) during october you’ll see some autumn leaves. (autumn leaves will hit tokyo/kyoto in november I think). Otherwise, the Japanese alps are nice mountain areas (I like Kamikochi which is neaer Takayama)


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