What rail pass do I get?

Me and my partner aren’t sure which pass to get for travel. We want to travel by train and will only be in Tokyo. I tried to read the article about it but got confused and would rather just have a straight answer from someone. thanks

If you’re only in Tokyo, you don’t need a train pass. Just buy a rechargeable Suica or Pasmo card and put a few thousand yen on it. When you leave, you can get a full refund from the ticket machines.

Thank you Greg, where do I get these cards? and I’d assume these are the same as a GoCard? (I’m Australian, a Queenslander)

It’s a contactless travel pass. You can buy them from any ticket vending machine or you can order one online - although they’re so easy to buy so that’s not really necessary.

I will be be coming from the Yokohama port and staying in Tokyo for 5days. I will need to go to Narita airport when leaving. Any suggestions on transportation during this time?

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