What pass should I get?


I’m Travelling to Japan on 25/01/2018 to 31/01/2018.
Would like to know what kind of travel pass should I need to buy to better benefit? Your help is greatly appreciated.
Here’s my brief itinerary.

25/01/18 to 28/01/2018 - Arrive in Tokyo Narita airport, was thinking to take Narita express train to city area. Then will take the metro to my hotel. Then next few days will be Travelling around Tokyo city center with one day visiting Mount Fuji area.

28/01/2018 - 31/01/2018 : Will be checking out from hotel then to train station to take a bullet train to Kyoto. Then will be taking public transport in Kyoto area for sightseeing for the next 3 days. Then last day checkout, will be taking a bullet train to Kansai Airport to fly back.

Base on this plan, any good recommendations which type of pass should I get? I’m Travelling with 4 adults(include me) and 1 infant.

On a side note, any recommendation on any good sight seeing places in central Tokyo and Kyoto also so that I can plan a good itinerary for my family also.

Will really need your help. Greatly appreciated. First time in Japan.

Yours sincerely,

Hi Jarrel
Possibly the 7d JR pass would be ok here. You can use this pass for Narita express, Tokyo JR trains (excl metro), Fuji day trip (to Kawaguchiko), and bullet train to Kyoto, and train to Kansai airport. If you want to get more value out of your pass, you can of course take daytrips to places further from tokyo/kyoto

Given that you are flying into Narita and out of KIX, I don’t think you should get a pass. The cost of an adult shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto is 13,080yen, the cost of the Narita Express (the most expensiv option and not always the best) is 3,080yen and other JR tickets might cost you another 2,000yen. The cost of the JR Pass is 29,100yen. The maths is pretty simple. Note that most of your transport inside Tokyo, Kyoto and to and from Fuji will be on non-JR lines or by bus, so it’s not covered by the JR pass.
So, buy a Pasmo/Suica (prepaid, refundable transport card) and pay for any long distance tickets at full price - it will still be much cheaper than the JR pass.
Just to be clear, the JR pass is great value, but only if you do two or more long distance inter-city trips. You’re only doing one, so it doesn’t make sense for you.

sorry I didn’t do the maths when I suggested the pass, I’d agree with Greg here

Alright, thanks for the breakdown. Then probably I will just get those prepaid metro card will do instead of JR pass. Thanks for the wonderful information. Appreciate it

Hi all,

just want to confirm, we can use JR wide pass to use narita express to go to Narita Airport right?
what need to be done is to go to the ticket center first to reserve the seat before board the Narita Express.

am i correct?

please confirm.


Best Regards,
Darmadi Chandra

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