Waterpark bathrooms are dirty?

I visited oiso long beach, which looked like a beautiful luxury big swimming pool with hotel nearby.
(which is kinda waterpark) also unexpectedly a very country side place with an old bus that doesn’t run often and accepts only coins.
I thought I could change into swimwear in the hotel bathroom or so.
Turns out I don’t see no hotel anywhere. I went into the changing locker room and I could tell by the bathroom entrance already it will be a seatless toilet. (GoGoGo like in menacing jojo anime)
Everybody hates those. And the building itself was very old, worse than the elementary schools. So it’s gotta be like worst than subway toilets. Also the lockers was a one time lock. Which means I have to pay 500 ~ 700 yen to lock. Then every time I want to take open the locker to get my phone or wallet, I have to pay again to lock. Which cost me double. Gave up on eating because of the toilet as well as the locker paying system.
Also thought I could see the beach nearby which looked good but you can’t even get near the beach.
Was a disaster. Disappointment. (Nobody mentions this and will go there getting disappointed like I did.)

Heard tokyo summerland an actual waterpark with rides also has dirty seatless toilets. Is it true ?
If the subway bathrooms is rated 5 in cleanliness, these are actually about 0. While hotels newly built
are 10.

Are there no newly built waterparks that have clean modern toilets ?