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Visas for permanent residents of Canada


Hi Cheapo Community!

I have a question about getting a tourist visa for Japan, I was wondering if someone else has been through this before.

I am a permanent resident of Canada; I don’t have a Canadian passport, only my Brazilian passport. My husband (who is Canadian) and I are going to Japan on March 20 for two weeks for sightseeing. I know he won’t need a visa, but I will. I live in BC, and the closest consulate is the one in Vancouver. However, on their website, they specify that application for visas must be done in person; the problem is that I live 600km away from Vancouver, I don’t drive, especially not during the winter. Also, both my husband and I have a very tight work schedule that does not allow me much room to travel whenever I want to. My only option would be a day trip and flights, which can amount to $600, and it’s a heavy bite on my budget. If I have to go pick up my visa in person as well that will be a $1200 visa!

Has anyone been through a similar situation?


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