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Using ATMs in Japan



We are planing trip to Japan (Narita) in June.

I have USD debit card , and another one EURO debit card.

Which of this currency is recalculating to JPY Yen in ATMs machine (e.g. 7eleven atm)?

Which currency USD or EURO is better option to convert into yen in ATM machine?

In my opinion better option is to use USD card in ATM, am i right?

Please help :slight_smile:


It depends on the card. The Seven Eleven machines accept a wide variety (, and if your card is on the list, the currency doesn’t matter because your bank will take card of that behind the scenes.

As for which card is better, it depends on what fees they have – foreign ATM fee, currency conversion, etc. – and whatever the current exchange rate happens to be for a specific currency. The ATM machine doesn’t care.


I concur with @newtypezaku, I’m pretty sure ATMs which accept foreign cards don’t have any difference - it’s probably down to your card company as to the rates + fees, not the ATM.

For details about which ATMs you can use:

Also more and more the mainstream Japanese banks (espeically in central areas) are introducing ATMs which accept VISA MasterCard AMEX etc


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