User Experience Work in Tokyo

I know this is a reach, but I’m trying everywhere. Could not find a meetup during my time in Tokyo (16-22 & 25-28) in regards to tech/business. Been looking to meet up with anyone in Tokyo who may have some knowledge on the tech/UX scene there so I can just pick your brain on the market. Have always been very curious about working in Tokyo in that sector as I am currently a UX designer. Drinks/Food on me!

Your timing couldn’t be better. One of the best UX meetups around - UX Talk Tokyo - is on the 19th and Tokyo Techies (a meetup sponsored by Fast Train - the people behind Tokyo Cheapo) is happening on the 21st.

UX Talks (sign up quick - usually sold out by now but they’re in a large venue this time)

Tokyo Techies

Both events are in English - so it’s more the international community (including Japanese) rather than the superstars of Japanese UX and tech business.

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I am genuinely over the moon right now. Been trying so hard to find something like this while I’m there. I thank you oh so very much for this! Have signed up for both and can’t wait to both. Thanks again.

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