Use of skyliner ticket to keisei skyaccess

Good morning,

This will be my first time travelling to japan, sadly i bought without kmowing much the roundtrip ticket for skyliner and the 72h tokyo pass. I just realized there is a line keisei that goes direct to my place… so I want to know if I can use the skyliner ticket in the keisei skyaccess train, i dont want to trouble myself making a change in line.

Thank you!

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Hello Ms Mendoza,
The Skyliner is non-stop and the price is higher than the Sky Access Train.
I would refund your roundtrip skyliner tickets at the keisei ticket office at Narita airport.
Then use the money to buy the Sky Access Train tickets.
Generally the refunds are quite easy if you have not used the tickets and before the departure time. A slight cancellation fee may be applied.
enjoy your trip,

I don’t think I can refund it since I bought it from Klook page :frowning:
But thank you so much for the info

Hello Ms Mendoza,
I am not familiar with Klook, but the best you can do is try to ask for a refund. Bring the credit card that you paid for the ticket with.
In addiiton, please note the Skyliner runs fairly often, but the Sky Access runs very infrequently. Depending on your station, it would be faster to take the local train that accesses your particular stop. I can read Japanese and always use as it is very convenient. My brother uses google maps in all English and that works out for him as well.
I wish you the best of luck and enjoy your trip!

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