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Underground Art Scene


First of all, this site is awesome. Secondly, as a New Yorker there’s always an underground scene for anything. I was curious if this was the case for Art in Tokyo and if anyone had any suggestions. Gallery openings maybe going down during the week of 16-22?

Thanks in advance!


Glad you like our site!

We occasionally list art events and openings on our events page, but Tokyo Art Beat is probably the best source of art events in Tokyo - here’s their openings page:

For more contemporary and underground, the agency TokyoDex organise excellent events:

Also Facebook is a popular platform for listing events in Tokyo, you could for example search the events section and filter for public events tagged with Art in the Tokyo Area. Probably most the info is in Japanese only though!

Hope that helps :wink:


I knew you would come through. You just made my day, man. Thank you very much. This is perfect.


Tokyo Art Beat also has a good app (or the iPhone at least) recently updated substantially, both free and pay versions. Very good for showing what is on close to where you happen to be, together with maps.


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