Tsukiji Fish Market Moving

Hey everyone,

I will be in Tokyo on November 23-27. I am only looking to go to the outer market to check it out and eat some good sushi. I have heard it was moving this year. How will the visit to the market change?


It’s still there !
Great food whichever restaurant you choose.

Isn’t it moving this fall? That is what I heard.

Hi Nicolas,

The inner market is scheduled to close on October 6 and reopen at the new location in Toyosu (a couple of km away) on October 11. However, the outer market will apparently stay open, so you should be able to go and check it out. We are busy updating our articles with this information.

Can u walk round this market or do you need a ticket or join a group to do so.
How to get a subway map which defines nearest subway to thes places of interest?

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