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Traveling with Kids


Hi next Sunday Im traveling to Tokyo for 10 days my kids are 7 and 6. Is there any recommendation of thing to do or places to visit with them??



Hi Tony, here’s a few quick ideas:

Maybe @CheapoGreg might chime in too…


Hey, thanks Mr Kirkland, great tips :slight_smile:

Hi Tonyd, we’re also travelling with kids (a bit older, 9 & 12). We’ll be doing a fair bit of wandering around and sampling the cheapo delicious food. Here are some of the other places we have bookmarked…

Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation - there are robots!
Exhibition, 5 contemporary picture book illustrators - Flew Gallery, Sendagi (near Yanaka).
Edo - Tokyo Museum (primary school kids free), adults 600Y
V useful is okyo Cheapo’s info on playgrounds in Tokyo, and here’s another collection

As recommended by TC, we will also head to Inokashira Park on a Saturday to check out the street musicians. We have also booked (waaaaay in advance) for the Ghibli Museum as we’re all fans.



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