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Traveling from Tokyo to Osaka and connect to Kyoto

Hi, I am kind of lost and tired of trying to find a ticket.
Before covid this is the route I used to take to travel to kyoto from Toronto.
I would travel to KIX connecting in Haneda, from KIX I take the shinkansen from the airport directly to kyoto station.
Toronto-haneda-kix-kyoto station.

To my surprise there is no flights from Toronto to haneda but there is to narita and there is no flights from Narita to KIX, there is from haneda, and shinkansen is not running to kyoto neither from narita nor haneda.

So the route would look like this
Toronto- Narita- haneda- kix and find a way to go to kyoto.
I dont know how the transfer from narita to haneda would be.

I am trying to check itami through USA. Is there any adivce on how i can commute?

Hi there,

There are plenty of flights from NRT to KIX. You just have to book a flight with one of the airlines from Terminal 3 which is primarily domestic. There seem to be 2 Peach flights and 4 Jetstar flights each day. Pre-Corona there were probably about that many each hour!

Also, the Shinkansen doesn’t run to or from Narita, Haneda, or KIX. Closest Shinkansen station to Narita is Tokyo Station (take the N’EX to get there) while closest Shinkansen station to Haneda is Shinagawa, which you can get to using the Keikyu Line. From KIX, The train that runs to Kyoto is shiny and fast, but it’s not a Shinkansen, The service is called Haruka.

The easiest (but not necessarily cheapest) route is N’EX to Tokyo, then Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto. Might be the fastest too.

One thing I’m not quite sure about is catching domestic flights after arriving on an international flight. Until recently, that, along with taking all forms of public transport after arrival was completely prohibited. However, the prohibition on public transport for arrivals was recently lifted. I’m not sure about domestic flights yet though!

Hello again,
I’ve done a little research and since you’re coming from Canada and I assume fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there is no quarantine requirement upon arrival. So there is no restriction on modes of transport.

thanks a lot for working hard to get me a suggestion. No one mentioned N’EX line to me before. I guess I will take it as an option or flying would be best. Hopefully shipping luggage to hotels is still available since I won’t be able to check in my luggage free of charge with peach airline.

Thanks a lot for helping

Yeah, Peach charges you for everything! I think Yamato or Sagawa still have luggage forwarding. Pretty much all the convenient services for foreign tourists have disappeared for the time being though.

Btw, in addition to N’EX there is also the Keisei Skyliner. However, it doesn’t run to Tokyo Station, you have to switch to the Yamanote Line at Ueno or Nishi Nippori. Depending on the time of day, riding that line with luggage can be a real ordeal. So the more expensive N’EX is better, especially if you’re connecting to the Shinkansen.

Good luck!