Traveling from Narita Airport to Tokyo

I am travelling into Tokyo from Narita Airport in May of 2019. I am wanting to know the best way to travel, the best place to stop in Tokyo, and a reasonably priced accommodation once in Tokyo.
Any and all suggestions welcome Tokyo community friends.

I’m not saying this is the BEST place to stay, but I’d suggest making your way to the area east of Tokyo Station and Ginza, and northwest of the Tsukiji Market. Quite a few relatively inexpensive chain hotels in the area - Soutetsu Fresa, Smile Inn, APA Hotel. Lots of subway/train stations in the area, and it’s within walking distance of a lot of attractions - Tsukiji and Toyosu markets, Tsukishima, Ginza, Hibiya Park… and a short train ride to a host of others. Hunt around on Google Maps, etc. for the best prices, I think any of the locations in this area would be good. At least, that’s where I plan to stay when I visit… Check out the Only in Japan Go Youtube channel, there are quite a few videos shot in the area (the channel’s owner lives nearby these days).

Hi Daleroxy,

Our guides to transport and accommodation options might help you plan:

Thanks for the great help.

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