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Travel to Sapporo

Hi, I am Dr Rima from Malaysia. I plan to visit Tokyo (this is my 2nd time visit) in August 2022. From Tokyo, I plan to go to Sapporo for few days. May I know can I use Japan Rail Pass to Sapporo and if yes, at which station I should start my journey?

Dr Rima

Hello there,
Yes, you can use a JR pass to go from Tokyo to Sapporo. However, the journey will take a long time. At the moment, the Shinkansen terminates at Shinhakodate-hokuto Station in southern Hokkaido. From there you need to take a train on regular rail lines to Sapporo, so the whole trip will take about 6 hours. Most people fly to Sapporo, but JR all the way is possible. The Shinkansen that will provide direct service from Tokyo to Sapporo is scheduled to open in 2030.

Thank you for your reply. Where does Shinkansen depart from Tokyo? From which station?

Can I use JR pass from Narita or Haneda Airport to Tokyo?

Thanks in advance.

It’ll be a beautiful Trip. We just made a video of our 2 week JR Pass experience. There’s some Hokaido in it. Great Skiing, Onsens, Food & Nature. Enjoy

Hi there,

You can find out all this info on our website.

Shinkansen to the north depart from Tokyo and Ueno Stations. Just choose whichever is most convenient to your hotel.

Also, again, I wouldn’t recommend Tokyo to Sapporo unless you really like trains because the journey will take over 8 hours.