Travel in Japan with 7 adults & 3 kids

Here is our travel plan;what do you recommend JR pass,rental of van to move around
4 seniors(70 yrs) + 3 kids( 6+2+2) + 3 adults

1st April - Narita airport to tokyo
2nd April - 4 Seniors join from narita to tokyo
3rd April - in tokyo
4th - leave for Kyoto through bullet train but have atleast 8 luggage pieces
5th-7th - in kyoto
8th to 9th - disney land
9th to 12th morning - Tokyo and leave early morning on 12th to Haneda and narita airport

Hi there,

Your easiest options are probably:

  • Book a shared private transfer from the airport to Tokyo (for both sets of arrivals)
  • Send the bulk of your luggage ahead to Kyoto using a delivery service like Yamato Takkyubin, or pack light and store your baggage in Tokyo
  • Share private transfer back from Tokyo to Haneda

To be honest, it seems like a discount round-trip JR ticket, rather than a JR Pass, would be more economical.

Here are a few resources:

I concur that you may want to reconsider the japan rail pass. Are you only using it for a round trip to Kyoto.

If so I’d just buy the ticket… as it’s about the same cost. Then you are not limited to which trains to take. Most of the trains between Tokyo and Kyoto are nozomi and you can’t ride those on the jr rail pass.

Nozomi Trains can be less busy as well and they’re faster.

Another option is an overnight bus. With all that luggage it may be easier.

You could also take the train one way and the bus the other.

Kids are free as they’re six and under but they don’t get a seat. Keep that in mind.