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Transportation options and Itinerary planning


Hi, I am AD. I live in Australia and this will be my and my partners first visit to Japan.

I am very confused with the no of options of transport and different passes.

I will be there in May and this is how we plan our itinerary.

Pls can you advise which Pass to buy that would be most economical and also in what sequence should I plan the itinerary :slight_smile:

2 days - Tokyo

2 days - Kyoto

1 day - Mt Fuji

1 day - Osaka

1 day - Kobe and Nara

Total -7 days

I am very flexible with any amendments. If I am missed out something or need to skip something , please let me know . More importantly which pass should I buy or should I not buy JR pass in advance and just the regional pass will work.

Look forward to your valuable advice.




Hi AD,

A national JR Pass might serve your needs best. For Mt Fuji, it’s not a case of hopping on the Shinkansen and hopping off at the base - have a look at this article for transport ideas:

And our Which JR Pass article might come in handy too (apologies if you’ve already seen it):



I’m from OZ too.
Do not fret, there are so many transportation options.

I would actually advise to take a flight from Tokyo to Osaka and use Osaka as a base to travel around the area (It’s like 30min on the train from Osaka to Kyoto, Nara is also very approachable via the train system).

Tokyo -> Hakone (For you mount Fuji experiance. Don’t miss Hakone loop…Pirate ship…Open air museum is great too)

Fly in between Tokyo and Osaka.

In Tokyo and Osaka just buy Pasmo or Suica and it’s pretty much like Myki here…nice and easy can be used on all transport and in 7 eleven…

Don’t miss Disneysea in Tokyo :slight_smile:


Thanks @biggie.
I am guessing you are from Mel from Myki and I am from The land of opal-Syd.
Got the point . Will look at keeping Osaka as the base and move around from there.