Transportation from Tokyo to Fujinomiya

My family and I will be visiting Japan in December. The main reason for the trip is to do a pilgrimage to Taiseki-ji, a Nichiren Shoshu Buddhist temple not far from Fujinomiya. I need help in finding information on transport from Tokyo to Fujinomiya, preferably by bus, as we were told trains are quite expensive. Any help/information is very much appreciated. Thank you.

According to the following page, bus from Tokyo to Fujinomiya cost starting at 2,750 yen.

Yahoo quotes the bus as costing as much as 5,700 yen. On the otherhand, local train fare is only 2,640 yen. So, can’t say bus is cheaper than train. I live in Tokyo I climb Mt Fuji from Tagonoura, I take the local train to Yoshiwara station (I love climbing Mt. Fuji on “Route 3776”).

There may be a bus from Fuji station to Taiseki-ji depending on the season. Need to check up on the following page.

If travelling from Shinjuku, take the Odakyu line to Odawara. The total cost is 2,241 yen (using JR prepaid card). The only problem with taking the local train is that it’s necessary to change trains several times.