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Transportation from Narita to quarantine


Going to return to Japan in September. The only option to land is Narita.
Found apato for 4 man yen in Kamagaya, what is cheapest way to get there?

Nippon Rent a Car has a office in Kamagaya. But even a few hours rent fron Narita to Kamagaya cost almost 1 man yen including 15% discount and excluding all possible extra options.
I have no official Japanese translation for my German driving license. Is it actually required?
Funny that this license was obtained by exchanging a Japanese one :slight_smile:

I’m also checking hotels/apartments nearby Narita.
Found this bus (free?)
Narita and Tomisato cities are only covered?


can’t help you with Kamagaya. This is what the Website of the German embassy in Tokio says about the dirivers license:

Besitzer eines deutschen FĂŒhrerscheins mit Wohnsitz in Japan

Der deutsche FĂŒhrerschein sollte spĂ€testens vor Ablauf eines Jahres nach Wohnsitznahme in Japan in einen japanischen FĂŒhrerschein umgeschrieben werden.

ZustĂ€ndig ist die FĂŒhrerscheinstelle am jeweiligen Wohnsitz.

FĂŒr die Um­schreibung werden in der Regel benötigt:

  • Der nationale deutsche FĂŒhrerschein
  • Eine Übersetzung dieses FĂŒhrerscheins in die japanische Sprache (Diese erhalten Sie bei der Japan Automobile Federation)
  • Die Residence Card
  • Der Einwohnermeldeschein („Juminhyo“), der vom örtlichen Ward Office ausgestellt wird. Dieser muss mit Angaben zur Staatsangehörigkeit beantragt und ausgestellt werden.
  • Zwei Passfotos (3 cm x 2,4 cm). (Fotos können oft in der japanischen FĂŒh­rerscheinstelle angefertigt werden.)
  • Der deutsche Reisepass
  • Ein Nachweis darĂŒber, dass sich der Ausstellung des deutschen FĂŒhrer­scheins eine Mindestaufenthaltsdauer von drei Monaten in Deutschland angeschlossen hat. (Falls sich diese Angaben nicht schon aus dem Pass ergeben, können z.B. Schul-/Studien- oder Ausbildungsnachweise, Arbeitsnachweise oder die Aufenthaltsbescheinigung der letzten deut­schen Meldebehörde vorgelegt werden.)

Vor Ort muss ein Sehtest abgelegt werden.

Die von der japanischen FĂŒhrerscheinstelle erhobenen GebĂŒhren mĂŒssen dort erfragt werden.

Wichtig: Auch wenn bei Wohnsitznahme in Japan noch nicht die Ab­sicht besteht ein Kfz fĂŒhren zu wollen, so sollte ungeachtet dessen vor Ablauf eines Kalenderjahres nach Wohnsitznahme die Um­schreibung des deutschen FĂŒhrerscheines vorgenommen werden. Nach Ablauf eines Jahres muss möglicherweise die japanische FahrprĂŒfung abgelegt werden. Bitte wenden Sie sich mit Fragen zur FĂŒhrerscheinumschreibung an die japanische FĂŒhrerscheinstelle.

Der deutsche Internationale FĂŒhrerschein wird in Japan nicht anerkannt und berechtigt nicht zum FĂŒhren eines Kraftfahrzeuges.

Please check it out yourself or email the embassy.


I know that I should exchange it to Japanese one. But I do not want to do it:

  1. German driving license has no expiration date, while Japanese one has to be extended every 3 years.
  2. Getting rental car in rest of the world is much simple with German license.
  3. When road police stop me e.g. for ignoring stop line - they can not issue fine for non Japanese driving license, just say “be careful”.

Anyway I found apartment near Shinjuku, where I can go by quarantine bus

Get an International Driving Permit in Germany. You can drive on that for up to a year in Japan.

I’m not a German citizen or resident.
Actually IDP is not required. One can get an official translation by JAF.

Firstly, it’s not a question of ‘changing’ your German license to a Japanese one. The German one will still be valid even if you get a Japanese one. Secondly, it’s illegal to drive on a foreign license in Japan. You either have to have a Japanese one or an IDP. Thirdly, you won’t be able to rent a car with just a foreign license (translated into Japanese or not); it has to be a Japanese or an IDP. Fourthly, you can get fined even if driving on an IDP.

You really need to check this stuff before you arrive. Here’s a good place to start: Japan Traffic Violations: Demerit Point System & Ticket Colors - PLAZA HOMES


If you’re planning to rent a car drive in Japan, you only have 2 choices. Get a Japanese license (which you will not be able to do at Narita) or get an IDP. Otherwise you can’t rent a car. There are other requirements for getting a Japanese license by showing your German one. You will have to prove that you lived in Germany for at least 3 months after obtaining your license. This is required because Japanese started to get foreign licenses and converting them into Japanese ones, which was often cheaper than having to spend a lot of money getting driving lessons in Japan.

it seems like for the quarantine bus to Shinjuku ‘non-hotel guests are not eligible for using this service’
Might need to check this unfortunately

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One can make a reservation by, print the confirmation and cancel it :slight_smile:

@BakaGaijin is correct about the license. The IDP is not required of all countries. Holders of licenses from Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Monaco or Taiwan can drive in Japan with their non-Japanese license as long as they have an official Japanese translation.But they’re incorrect about being immune from traffic rules :slightly_smiling_face:
@BakaGaijin perhaps you’re getting mixed up with driving with diplomatic immunity? Good if you can get it. The people in the cars with the blue diplomatic plates drive like idiots.

Also, the “no expiry date on your German license” doesn’t matter as you can’t use it (or an IDP) indefinitely in Japan. The period that you can use an IDP for in Japan is 1 year, so the limit on your German license will likely be the same or less. Eventually, you’ll need to apply for a Japanese license. As @Tokyogreen explained you don’t need to give up your German license, it’s not like applying for Japanese citizenship!

Good luck with that. It’s going to require quite a bit of lying. Just because you can bypass the quarantine measures by being clever doesn’t mean you should.

Good point, thanks! I didn’t realise that However, I thought that BakaGaijin was talking about renting a car immediately after arriving in Japan? He wouldn’t have time to get an official translation by then, so that wouldn’t be possible

Quarantine rules deny using of public transport. I can walk to my apartment from Narita.
Requirement that only hotel guests can use the bus has nothing to do with it.
Providing the fake reservation is violation of private company procedure, but not the law.

I think the idea is that you get an official translation before leaving your country. Ultimately it requires about the same amount of effort as getting an IDP anyway, so it’s not a huge advantage.

You seem very sure of that. The bus is operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Health who would have specified the rules. Anyway, I would encourage you not to lie to the operators to save a few yen but ultimately it’s your call.

I bought the bus ticket online, got QR code by email. On the boarding they checked my passport ad QR code. No question if I actually have a reservation in the hotel.No lie at all :slight_smile:

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