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TransferWise not adding money in Yen

Hi All,

About to move to Tokyo to reside and work.

After reading your article on, I’ve checked with TransferWise but there is no option within this platform to add fund in Yen directly from a Japanese account. So if my salary is in Yen and that I want to top up my account in Yen I cannot do so (or I cannot find the option). It only allows me to add fund from a UK account.

Either the feature has been removed or geo-targeted (I’m in London at the moment) but there is no point to top up from a UK account if it is to send money from Japan.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Yvan,

I may be wrong, but my understanding is that you will need to have set up TransferWise in Japan to make yen transfers out of Japan. I would suggest contacting them directly for further support.

Thanks a lot for your reply.