Transferring to Keio Line from Subway

We will be staying in a house near the Hatagaya station off the New Keio Line but coming into Tokyo from the Shinjuku station of the subway system. How do we transfer from one to the other? We have a 72 hour subway pass but what do we need to do to get the New Keio transit? Will subway and Keio be in the same station?

Did you try to check google, google maps? Hatagaya Station - Wikipedia, etc. This station is only served by Keio – you’ll need to ride Keio to Shinjuku (2 stops), and there transfer to subway. Shinjuku is big (it’s the busiest train station in the world); there are signs every so often with arrows showing directions to (and sometimes distances to) corresponding train lines (there are many train companies serving Shinjuku, Keio and Metro are 2 of these). Just pay attention to the signs, try to ask people if lost.
The 72 hrs subway pass cannot be used on Keio, you’ll need to pay separately for each ride. Or you could just walk, it’s 2.6km from Hatagaya station to Shinjuku.

I don’t know if you have done this already, but Google maps for Tokyo is absolutely amazing when it comes to which trains to take. Yes, it can be a bit troubling to change trains but if you follow signs at the station itself its not that much of a problem. There is always someone either on the platform or at the ticket window to help as well. Everyone is really friendly.

I would also suggest that if you can avoid Shinjuku station that you do so since it can be quite confusing.

Also make sure that you have some sort of mobile internet while you are here. It makes a world of difference.

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