Transfer Your Money Out of Japan

Hi I try to do a bussines here in Tokio but it didnt result, I wil continue my travel as a turist, but i don’t want to carry the money i have in cash.

how can i transfer the money back to mexico.

Maybe Western Union at Daikokuya stores? 海外送金 | 格安&簡単スピーディなウエスタンユニオン国際送金 | チケット大黒屋 The rate isn’t great though. Since you’re a tourist, you can’t open a bank account - so better methods are not available to you. Alternatively you could exchange cash for something that holds its value and then convert it back to cash in Mexico. Maybe buying a vintage camera? If you take that route, look on Ebay to see what people are buying and how much they are paying.

I used transferwise in the past, it has the best rates. Transfers take a few days to arrive so it’s good if you’re not in a hurry.
Recently Japanese laws got stricter about sending money outside the country, so you might have to provide a copy of your ID

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