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Thanks Chris for the great article.

I tried to open a personal account on OFX but could not find Japan in “Your Location”. Maybe they disabled it recently?

You’re right it appears to be disabled at the moment. I’ll contact them to see if I can clarify why…

OFX say due to financial regulations they’ve had to remove Japan, but they’ll hopefully have this dealt with soon.
In the meantime if you have an address outside of Japan you can still do transfers in and out of Japan with OFX.

Thanks Chris for your help!
I put country to HK and my HK home address and HK phone number there. But currently I am physically in Japan. I wonder whether it is a problem if I put my Japan phone number and call them to authenticate. I am thinking to wait for my return to HK and then call.

Yeah, I had the same problem as of January 26th. What would be the second cheapest way to send money from the UK to Japan?

I discovered the hard way that if you already reside in Japan, OFX will not open an account for you. I was not aware of this and had initially used my U.S. mailing address as my home address to open the account so every thing seemed to be going OK. However I had some questions so I talked to them on the phone but when I mentioned I was already in Japan, their reaction was as though I was committing a crime or something. So now they have canceled my account and I am back to square one. So what is the second best way to transfer money to Japan?