Transfer from Narita to apartment - 5 guests - recommendations please

Hi there,

We are a family of five arriving in Tokyo next month.

I have searched and searched but can’t find a definitive answer.

Do you know anyone who can pick up 5 tired passengers and drive us straight to our apartment near Akihabara please?

Happy to pay around 20.000y - is this reasonable?

Also, if I have to settle for the limousine bus, can someone please tell me the closest it can drop us to Asakusabashi station?

Thanks in advance

20,000yen is roughly enough for a taxi from Narita, I believe there’s some fixed fare taxi services you can book in advance too.

Otherwise you could get the cheaper Narita Sky Access line and take a taxi from the station when you arrive, this route for example. Google maps is excellent for public transport in Tokyo.

Hi there,
Do you know where I can organise a fixed fare taxi? Also, will five of us fit?

Here’s one you can use. Can’t vouch for it as I haven’t used it, but it’s in English!

A little Googling should turn up a few more.

Thank you very much. I have seen this page before, and like the price, however it doesn’t say if you can have 5 passengers or not. There is no email contact or live chat, just a phone number…

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