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Trains transfer during Showa days


Hi everybody. I planned a trip in the end of April with my wife and child of 11, starting from Tokyo then on 25th to Kyoto and back to Yokohama on 29th, then Flight back from Haneda on 30th. Due to this few train transfer I won’t buy JR Pass but I am afraid of crowd on 29th. Do you think I Can book All trains tickets when i begin holiday in Tokyo without JR pass or do I Need JR pass to Be safer? Thank you


Hi there,

I don’t think you need to get a JR Pass, but I would recommend reserving your tickets as soon as you arrive in Tokyo, or doing so prior to your holiday. You can do that here:

Enjoy your stay!


Unfortunately JR East Is not useful for Kyoto and Yokohama. Is there any possibility to reservation them before tra El?


Sorry about that. It might be best to reserve them through a travel agent. If you cannot get a reservation for a seat, you can still travel in the non-reserved carriages of the bullet train - but you might have to stand!


I did a solo traveling but for a month. I used the JR buses lines to see all the sites and also combine with trains and metro. The good savings are in a 72/hrs Tokyo metro tickets and the JRgreen lines. Unless you are traveling from Tokyo to north south or islands use the bullet but you can not stay for more than a nite or 2 or else is not worst it. maps distance times and options online
If you have enough time contact your japan embassy they will send you travel guides maps and useful materials to plan.

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