Trains and how to get around Tokyo only

Hi all, I’m just staying in Tokyo for 7 days, in nakemaguro, but want to be able to travel around Tokyo by train every day in there. I don’t plan any outside of Tokyo travel and if I do I will expect and understand to pay for this seperately, but I’m still very confused if I have to buy a rail pass or not, or can just buy day passes as easily at any Station. Help!

You don’t need any train pass or any day passes either. Just buy a Suica or a Pasmo (they’re the same - just sold by different operators) and load some money on to it. Suica/Pasmo is a pay as you go pass. If there is a balance on the card when you leave, then you can get that back in cash. You can also get the 500yen deposit back. Super easy :slight_smile:

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Indeed, no stress, you can just do as CheapoGreg wrote. There are also some discount passes for certain destinations. Since you will travel around Tokyo, you might be interested in a (half-)day trip to Kawagoe: And you can do combinations like Sarushima + Yokohama on one day, or Kamakura + Enoshima (although for this last combination you will be on a tight schedule).

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Cool thank you. I really only plan to travel on all the tokyo trains and metros, I don’t have a massive stay but do want to get as much around outer suburb and inner tokyo as I can. The loaded card seems best

Yeah, I agree with the others, a JR Pass would be a waste of money. I think you can get by for about $7 a day in the trains which is about $50 for 7 days, compared to $250 for the pass. My friends and I didn’t get an IC card like Suica and we were ok buying tickets but I wish we had gotten the card. It would’ve been faster.

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