Train Route to Sapporo by 18 kippu


I am planning to go Sapporo.
Can anyone help me route by 18 kippu?
I got route from Ueno to Hiraizumi by 18kippu but from there to aomori become private railway. I am not sure I can use 18kippu or not. Anybody can help me for route ?

  • I know it will take around 2days, and planed to stay one night at Ichinoseki.


I think 18 kippu only applies to JR trains, however if you must use a private railway as well just pay the extra and hop back on JR when you can.
Going all the way to Sapporo from i presume Tokyo on local trains is going to take a long long time, i hope you’ve got a good book.

Thank you so much for your answer.
Still thinking what should I do, coz it take too long time, it can be cost more.

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