Train fromTokyo to Kyoto

Hi We have to get from Tokyo to Kyoto and then 8 days later from Kyoto back to Tokyo, which trains would be the best as I am not sure the JR pass would be our best option?

There’s a special discount ticket for Tokyo Kyoto shinkansen trains. You can read about it in our Tokyo to Kyoto article here Tokyo to Kyoto: The Fastest and Cheapest Ways to Travel | Tokyo Cheapo
Skip to the Train/Shinkansen section and follow the “special discount ticket” link.

And yes, the JR Rail pass probably wouldn’t work since your journeys are more than 7days apart (so you couldn’t use the cheaper 7day pass)

Thank you so for 4 of us travelling from Tokyo to Kyoto on 18th Aug would be 368 pounds and then the same when we travel back on 26th, I did not think this through, its too late now but I think we should have stuck to one place

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