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Did a bit of reading so I have some idea on suggested tickets to get, but I can’t help but want to confirm this with an actual post.

I’ve got 2 trips in Japan next year, from Feb 23-March 2 and March 16-April 2.

The 1st trip will just be in the Osaka-Kyoto area (with a side trip to Nara). Intercity travel will happen starting Feb 25-28 timeframe.

The 2nd trip will be Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo, with around 5 days each city (longer stay in Tokyo).

Would I be right in the following decisions:

1st Trip - Get a JR West Pass/Kansai Area Pass.
2nd trip - not going for JR Passes, just going to get 1-way tickets for the Osaka-Kyoto and Kyoto-Tokyo legs.

Edit: Sorry, posted in the wrong sub-category, was meant to be posted in the Japan Travel section.

Hi John,

That sounds about right to me. One of the Kansai regional passes would probably be your best bet for the first trip, and for the second, a one-way bullet train ticket from Kyoto (or Osaka) to Tokyo would likely work out most reasonable/convenient. See our article for some other tips - you could save a bit of money by taking a bus, if you have time and don’t mind sitting for so long:

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