Toy Shopping in Nakano Broadway

Hi, i am from Hawaii and saw your video on Nakano Broadway. What specific shops do you recommend to buy Kikaider and Kamen Rider figures? Thank you

There are lots of small shops scattered throughout the mall, but the main draw there is Mandarake ( There are something like 20 different Mandarake shops in Broadway, each for a different specialty. They are a secondhand store, however, so you may pay a premium for older items regardless of condition. They have most of their inventory online, too, so you can still window shop if you can’t visit in person… plus, they ship overseas.

If you happen to be in Tokyo and are looking for other places to buy figures, Akihabara has a large Mandarake and numerous shops throughout the neighborhood, such as Jungle and Liberty.

There is a mandarake in there that is exclusively Kamen Rider and the monsters.
Pretty sure there is a Kamen rider cafe too. mandarake special 2
Unless you mean figma and not toy figures. Then probably special 4 and hoping they have it.

Thank you Daniel! By the sound of it I shouldn’t spend my whole there, I will use it in Akihabara.

Thank you Aaron! I will check it out!

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