Top Must-Sees in Tokyo

Hi again everyone! Everyone has been so helpful on this forum. As we near our stay in Tokyo in 2 weeks, I would like to know from experienced travelers and locals, if you were to choose your top 5 things to do or see in Tokyo, what would they be. I will be traveling with my 2 kids 12 and 8. My oldest wants to go to an onsen and my coworkers have suggested a few, but would like your input as well. A place where young kids are welcome and not too far from Tokyo (we are staying at Shiba Park Hotel). We will be going to the Ueno Park to meet friends and we definitely will be watching a sumo practice.

Might be a bit late to reply
Ueno zoo
Asakusa (sensoji temple)- in particular I like a woodblock shop that offers print parties that your kids may enjoy (Mokuhankan)
Owl cafe (various places in tokyo, but most require reservations well in advance)
Boat ride from asakusa down sumida river towards Odaiba
Disneyland- although it will be super crowded especially on weekends

for onsen, you could probably go to Gunma or hakone on a 1-2 day trip, using one of various passes.

Thank you very much! I appreciate the recommendations.

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