Tokyo-Wide Pass Worth It For Narita-Shinjuku-Mt Fuji-Shinjuku-Narita?

My wife, 4 college student children, and I (6 total) will arrive at Narita at 2 Pm, 16 May 2018.
Itinerary planned:
16 May: Narita to Shinjuku (Hotel).
17 May: In and around Tokyo.
18 May: Shinjuku to Mt Fuji, and return to Shinjuku, same day.
19 May: In and around Tokyo
20 May: In and around Tokyo
21 May: From Shinjuku to Narita.

Question: Economically speaking, Should I buy 6 JR Tokyo-Wide Passes for 10K Yen (good for only 3 days), then 6 more 1 (or 2) day Suica cards for the remaining 1 or 2 days (recognizing that we depart for Okinawa from Narita on the morning of the 5th day - 21 May)?

Heavens no. If you’re saying in the city, you’re not going to spend 10000 over three days. Subway hops are, like, 300 yen at most and riding the JR Yamanote Line and other lines inside the city are equally cheap.

And for doing a day-trip to Mount Fuji from Shinjuku, highway buses are actually the better option.

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