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Tokyo to Narita for early morning flight


Hello, We are a family of 9, leaving from Kiyosumi-Shirakawa to Narita for a 9am flight. Due to this security procedures we need to arrive at Narita at least 2-3 hours before the schedule flight. Some subways start at only 6am. We are leaving on a Monday. What is cheapest public transport?


From Kiyosumi Shirakara there’s a few subway and bus options that will arrive at Narita 7am or earlier.

Looks like the cheapest is, Hanzomon line to Oshiage then Narita Sky Access, see this google map direction, it’s around 1,300yen for an adult ticket.

If you want the easy option, there’s also some hotel to airport private minibus options like this, but they cost a lot more.


Thank you! Excited to be in Tokyo next cherry blossom season. btw, great video about wifi – nano sim is hard to find.


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