Tokyo to Mt Fuji to Osaka

I need to go from Tokyo to Osaka in one day. I am hoping to be able to make a stop near Mt Fuji on the way - just to take some pictures and soak up the energy and emotions. Then I can continue on. What is the easiest and fastest way to do this? I am not opposed to train or bus or even flying part of it. I will have luggage with me to consider. Thank you!

The easiest way is probably to take a photo from the bullet train. You can get a pretty good view, as long as the weather is clear. :slight_smile:

As Frances says, the view from the train is pretty good weather permitting. You could alight at one of the Shinkansen stops along the way and spend longer taking in the view.
The nicer views (like from Kawaguchiko) are a little harder to combine with easy transport options.
You’d definitely need to take a combination of buses and trains.

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