Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka Transportation & Recommendations

Several questions actually.

So half of my friends including myself, will be flying in to Narita from Hong Kong and departing from KIX back to Hong Kong. The other half will be flying in from Canada and departing from Narita back to Canada.

We were wondering, would it be smarter to fly from KIX back to Narita or take the Shinkansen back to Tokyo, because there are no flights that goes from KIX back to Canada. Because we are going for an odd number of days (10-11 days to be exact), we want to factor in the most cost efficient way as I know the Rail Passes come in 7 or 14 days…

Another question we had was, does anyone have any ryokan recommendations in Kyoto that preferably has a private onsen?

Thank you!

If you’re not going to stray far from Osaka during the 10-11 days you plan to visit the country, round-trip flights between Tokyo and Osaka aren’t going to be that different in price from individual Shinkansen tickets, depending of course on when they book, how much luggage they’re carrying, etc.

I’ve seen seasonal flights from Vancouver to KIX before but I guess those aren’t available when you’re planning to go :frowning: