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Tokyo to Hiroshima


Hi guys,…

Can i use shinkasen directly from any station in Tokyo to Hiroshima…? of I need change other shinkasen in another city,…? If yes where,…? I have JR pass.
Could the Tokyo cheapo’s give some information…
Thanks a lot.


You should think of the Shinkansen as a completely different train network. There are only three Shinkansen stations in Tokyo. Tokyo Station, Ueno Station and Shinagawa Station. Tokyo serves all lines in every which direction. Ueno serves trains going to the north, while Shinagawa is for trains going to the southwest. However, you can use your JR pass on any JR line - including Shinkansen, so you can start your journey from any of the very many stations in Tokyo - such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Shinbashi - you just need to change to the Shinkansen at one of the three aforementioned stations.


Thank you very much indeed , CheapoGreg


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