Tokyo Subway Ticket


Just read about this subway ticket in tokyo (Introducing the new “Tokyo Subway Ticket:” now even more convenient and easier to use! - Tokyo Metropolitan Government). Just concern on where to buy this subway ticket. We are arriving at Kansai airport and most probably it is not available there. Also we do not availed any travel agencies/package. Do anyone knows which BIC/Laox branches sell this subway ticket? Thank you.


I think you’re probably better off getting a rechargeable JR/Subway IC card (called ICOCA in Kansai, or Suica in Tokyo) or Passmo card at airport when you arrive (all three cards work the same). Those IC cards are easy to use and work across the whole of Japan on all public transport, even some taxis too.

The subway ticket you mentioned doesn’t work on the JR train lines in Tokyo, so it’s possible you’ll end up having to buy extra JR tickets.

We have an article on all the various Tokyo tickets, but in my opinion they probably don’t save you much money (and might end up costing more!):

My standard advice is get the JR Suica/ICOCA or Passmo card.

@habmariner, see above link for some info that might help. :slight_smile:

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